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$1.5/ user


  • Minimum 500 users
  • All features included

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$1/ user


  • Minimum 1,000 users
  • All features included

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  • Minimum 5,000 users
  • All features included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free trial with FIR?

Yes, please request a demo and we will first help you set up a demo to get familiar with FIR. Then we will help you start the free trial upon request.

Does FIR run in the cloud?

Yes, FIR runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is how we’re able to serve thousands of customers across the world.

Can I integrate my existing course materials with FIR?

Most of our customers can upload their course content using FIR’s course management tools. It supports video (MP4 format), SCORM, LTI, and other file formats such as Word, Office Mix, and PDF. If you need help, we have service available to convert your material and make it compatible with FIR.

Can I provide my franchisees different levels of access to the learning system?

Yes, you can provide access to different features to your franchisees.

Can FIR create a custom user interface for my business?

We welcome custom change requests from our customers. Our technical team can help integrate third-party tools, applications, features and more. Contact us for more info.

Can I host FIR on my own server or on any other cloud infrastructure?

Yes. However, we need to first arrange the details in the licensing agreement and a Statement of Work (SOW). Please contact us if AWS does not work for you.

Does FIR have a mobile app?

Yes, this is a custom feature that we provide. Please note that FIR is HTML5-based and fully compatible with web browsers on all mobile devices. Contact us for details.

How much does it cost to create a custom user interface?

FIR’s default interface is included in the standard pricing (small changes to color schemes and logos do not require any additional fees). For more extensive changes, our team will provide you a quote for a custom user interface.