eLearning for the Defense industry with FIR LMS

Few are the fields where knowledge is as critical and intensive as in the Defense industry. With its universal influence, eLearning can help to bridge the gaps and provide effective training.

Military precision requires an LMS

The Defense industry is an all-encompassing minefield, from training military soldiers to employees who work within the supplies section. Defense eLearning applies to all elements of must-have skills, which range from electrical engineering, cooking and learning, to foreign languages and more.

Defense training is also a perfect fit for eLearning solutions as its major pain points are the exact kind of issues that eLearning is a master at. Any company involved in the Defense industry can benefit from the organized structure and versatility that eLearning offers.

It scales to thousands of learners

It attends to all learners even if they reside in different camps, cities, countries and time zones

It provides the same standardized material and experience to all learners

It's able to respond quickly to new army training demands

It provides tools to help assess its own effectiveness

It's cost-effective and doesn't bother your budgetary concerns

Key features to meet all of your military training needs


Scalable and cost-effective, the two major selling points of eLearning for the enterprise, are also what make it the right fit for the Defense industry. With the same LMS installation, you can educate hundreds of thousands of individuals.


eLearning enables instructors to create new Defense online training material effortlessly and allows them to deploy new training courses as fast as the need arises. For example, to train soldiers with new equipment just made available to their unit, or even health and safety training within a submarine supply company.


A Defense learning management system gives great flexibility to all learners and officials in training, as they can study at their own pace outside of time-consuming physical classes. This, along with the availability of options such as mobile learning, is extremely liberating for learners from all of the different corners of the Defense industry. From suppliers to software, mobile learning is relevant and accessible for all.


Standardized and centralized training is also a great fit for all the needs the defense industry has. When emphasizing the importance that all learners are taught with the same standardized material and where access to specific information should be restricted, FIR LMS is the ideal solution.

Did we convince you yet?

If you’re interested in an industry-standard LMS solution for your Defense company, army camp or internal training needs, take a look at FIR LMS’ features, or get your own free account set up in now.

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